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The Clan Rules

The Golden Rules

The following list of rules are the absolute rules of Gold Team Productions. In order to join our clan, you must agree to obey these rules and continue to follow them as you are in the clan. Failure to abide by these rules will result in an instant kick from the clan. Warnings may or may not be given. Clan leaders have the benefit of being guaranteed 1 warning before being kicked. Only the Supreme Leader of the clan may kick any member of the clan. A vote may be started by a clan leader to kick a certain member if a valid reason is given. Read these rules carefully!

  1. You must follow the orders of the Supreme Leader. 
  2. You may not ask for more power in the clan or a leadership position. If you have been turned down once, then do not continue to ask over and over again. 
  3. Racism in any form towards any member of the clan is absolutely not allowed. 
  4. Clan members will not be discriminated or made fun of for their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, medical conditions, or political ideas. 
  5. Harassment, mistreatment, or abuse of another clan member is not allowed. 
  6. Constant whining, complaining, or any other form of annoyance will not be tolerated. 
  7. Asking to be in a video is okay, but you may not continue to ask to be in one too many times if you've been turned down. 
  8. Clan leaders except for the 1.1 in command do not have the power to kick or recruit new members. Only the 1.1 and the Supreme Leader may recruit new players. All other clan leaders including the 1.1 cannot kick other members. However they may recommend a member to be kicked or a person to be recruited. All final decisions must be approved by the Supreme Leader.
  9. You must be drug-free or sober. If you are ever caught being high or drunk while on Xbox Live, you will be instantly kicked from the clan. 
  10. In the event the Supreme Leader decides to step down and relinquish control of the clan, the 1.1 in command will become the next Supreme Leader and all other leaders will be promoted up 1 rank while a clan member will be selected by the Supreme Leader to be the new 1.5 in command. 
  11. If a clan leader (besides the Supreme Leader) steps down or has been removed from power, all leaders below him/her will be promoted up 1 rank while a clan member will be selected to be the new 1.5 in command. 
  12. The Supreme Leader has complete ultimate power over the clan. That power is not shared with anyone else. No other clan member is allowed to pretend or claim they have power or is a co-leader. The powers of the clan leaders (1.1-1.5 in command) will be decided by the Supreme Leader but ultimately all clan leaders will still have to obey and answer to the Supreme Leader. 
  13. If you wish to participate in finding glitches, you can help find glitches on your own and share them with the leader. However, you must first verify on Youtube that the glitch has not been found already. 
  14. Ballistik75, icanhazchezbuga, X Tr1ckSH0TZz X and any gamertag owned or will be owned by the current owners (as of 8/2010) are permanently banned from the clan and will not be allowed to participate in any clan activities. 
Follow these rules carefully and enjoy your stay in the clan! These rules are subject to change depending on the Supreme Leader's decisions. So check back every now and then to see if the rules have been updated.