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This blog is your source for the latest updates and announcements about our latest and up coming videos. So check back often for updates. I will normally post a weekly update, but when there is a big major event or a very important video, I will let you know as soon as possible through this blog. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Secret Glitch/Easter Egg Revealed

In the last post, you saw that we had a list of our upcoming glitch videos. One of the videos on the list was a secret glitch. Well, you can probably guess what it is. It's been floating around on Youtube and other forums a lot lately.

The Secret Glitch is:

The Halo 3 Scarab Gun

How do we know it's the real deal? We don't. All we know is that there is a hidden Assault Rifle on The Storm. So far, only 2 people have reached it. Both of them are modders. One of them says its real and the other says it's fake. We don't know which one to trust so we are investigating it ourselves. We are extremely close to reaching the Scarab Gun. We are telling you this now because we want the whole community to participate. This is no longer a race to see who can reach the Scarab Gun first. This is a quest to find the Scarab Gun or to prove it's fake. We invite you to join us and every other glitching group/clan out there to help us find this Scarab Gun. If you have any information about how to reach it. Please share it with the rest of us.

We already know the exact location of this Scarab Gun. The only problem we have is reaching it. Thanks for your help and support everyone!

Monday, August 10, 2009


A lot has been going on recently. We've been extremely busy investigating a new secret glitch which we can't tell you just yet. In the meantime, we have been spending some time in Halo 2 again and we believe we have found some new glitches. That's right, new glitches in Halo 2. We have several new videos coming up. But we're not sure if we should add the new glitches in Halo 2 to the list. We'll start a poll to see if people want to see Halo 2 glitches again. In the meantime, here is the list of upcoming glitch videos:

  1. Halo 3 Glitch - Geo-Merging Elephants
  2. Halo 3 Glitch - Magnetic Elephants
  3. Halo 2 - Secret Marine (If people vote to see Halo 2 vids again)
  4. Halo 2 - Fight the Final Boss Using Wraith (If people vote to see Halo 2 vids again)
  5. ***SECRET GLITCH/EASTER EGG*** (Can't tell you yet)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Major Announcement

General Heed Productions is now Gold Team Productions. I have decided to merge my two clans into one because I felt it would more convenient. Since most people in my clan are in both clans, keeping two seperate clans would be pointless. Thus, merging was the best choice.

Our next few Youtube videos will still be under the name General Heed Productions. But we will eventually transition to Gold Team Productions for the rest of our videos. We're also going to keep this blog the same. So you won't really notice that much difference even if you are in the clan. The only difference will be the intros and titles in our videos.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates, but recent events in our clan has slowed us down a bit. We are currently having some possible security issues in the clan as well as an inflation of clan members. We had to devote some time to solving these problems. But rest assured, we'll be back soon. In fact, our next video should be released by this Friday. You see, while we were gone, we also found several new glitches. Some of them are pretty big. So stay tuned!

Note: Please don't ask us about the security issues. Everything that goes on in the clan is top-secret.