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This blog is your source for the latest updates and announcements about our latest and up coming videos. So check back often for updates. I will normally post a weekly update, but when there is a big major event or a very important video, I will let you know as soon as possible through this blog. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updates For The Week of 4/27

  1. I guess it's time for me to reveal the top secret project I've been working. I still can't give you that many details yet though. I have been working on a new movie. This movie is very different than anything I have ever done before. I expect it will be much better than my first movie. I haven't decided on a name yet but I will let you guys know when I decided.
  2. I plan to make a special video. This video will not be about a glitch but rather something else which is not related to video games even though I'm using Halo 3 to film it. Like the movie, this video will be very different and I can't tell you much yet.
  3. I will be making another glitch video in Halo 3. You can expect this to be another minor glitch because I am running out of original glitches to do. As I have said, I could always start re-making other people's videos and improving them, but I'm not sure if I really want to do that.
  4. A few people have been asking me if I am ever going to switch to Machinima.com and give my videos to them. I probably will not for several reasons. If anybody has any questions, they can just contact me through Youtube or Xbox Live.
  5. I will be making a short special video which will kind of advertise this blog site. The reason I am making such a video is because I want people to be up to date with my videos as well as being aware of future videos. Currently, I feel as if this blog isn't getting enough views to be useful. This video will be the only video I ever make that advertises me or anything that I ever made.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Updates For The Week Of 4/13

1. New video about a blackhole on Sandtrap coming out soon. You can expect to be on Youtube sometime this week.

2. I have decided to keep the Legendary Battle Video on a little longer because I am still working on the other project but it won't be finished yet.

3. You won't be seeing a lot of videos from me this month because of several reasons. A couple of reasons are that since I'm 14 years old, I obviously still have to go to school. School is tough this month. Another reason is that I'm starting to run out of ideas for videos. There are almost no glitches left in Halo 3 to find. I could start making videos re-explaining other people's glitches, but im not sure yet.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updates and Announcements For The Week of 4/06

  1. I know that a lot of you have subscribed and are waiting to see the new upcoming Halo 3: Resident Evil Movie which was supposed to come out this summer. I'm afraid that you will be disapointed to find out that I am officially cancelling that movie. I will not be making that movie anymore nor will I be releasing any more previews. I will however, leave the previews that I already made on Youtube so you can still watch them. I might release the first scene of the movie so you can get an idea of what the movie would have been like. The reason why I am cancelling it is because its taking too much time and resources. Time which I don't have. Besides, I don't think the final movie would have turned out good anyways. Sorry for the disapointment.
  2. Despite the fact that I have cancelled the Resident Evil Movie, I will be making another movie. This movie is actually almost done. It just needs a few more scenes and some finishing touches. This is probably going to be my final movie that I make. After that, I will only be making videos of Halo 3 glitches and easter eggs. If this movie is very successful, I might make a sequel. I won' t tell you the name of the movie yet nor will I release any more details and I will not be releasing a preview. Don't worry, this movie is nothing like my first movie. This one will use real voices and will have much more special effects and will be in the highest quality possible. Stay tuned!
  3. As you know, I have recently released a video called Halo 3 Legendary Battle. In it, I mentioned that it will only be on for a limited amount of time. Well, I will be removing it soon. The reason why I will be removing it is because I am going to use it for something else. I can't tell you what. Not yet. But don't worry, you will be seeing this again real soon. Sooner than you think. So stay tuned!!!
  4. New Forge Glitch video coming out soon. In it, I will be explaining multiple glitch. You will find out exactly how to tan a warthog. You will also find out a new Guardian glitch. There might be a third glitch in the video but I'm still deciding wether it is worth posting on Youtube.
  5. If anybody wished to add me to their friend list on Xbox Live, feel free to do so. My Gamertag is: General Heed

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