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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planet Zero Machinima

Well, here it is, the synopsis (plot) behind the new upcoming Planet Zero Episodic Machinima.

A team of scientists with the assistance of military personnel discover an ancient artifact buried deep below some ancient ruins on a desert planet far away from Earth. The scientists learn that the artifact is a portal device that transports them to an unknown location. Everyone involved in this project is very interested in getting it to work. However, the original power source used to power the artifact is missing so they must find an alternate source of energy. They decide to drill to the planets core and use the core as a power source for the artifact. However, using the planet's core as a power source is very dangerous because if there is any kind of power disruption or power surge, it could cause the core to go critical. Because of this, the scientists begin debating about whether they should still turn on the device. Before they can finish their debate, their base is attacked by an unknown enemy. At first, they believe it's the covenant that attacked because the enemy used covenant vehicles, but they soon realize that it couldn't be the covenant. The soldiers guarding the base engage the enemy ships in a battle. However, there are too many enemies for them to fend off. During the battle, one of the enemy ships fires on the artifact and the massive conduits connecting it to the planet's core. This sends a shock to the planets core which causes the core to go unstable. Realizing that there's not enough time to leave the planet, the scientists have no choice but to escape through the only way out. The portal. They manage to activate the artifact and they all jump through it. Soon after the military personnel follow the scientists through. A few seconds later, the core finally goes through an unstable critical chain reaction causing the entire planet to explode. In an alternate reality, 2 scientists arrive first. The rest were all split up. Nobody knows where they are or how to get back. For now, their goal is to survive in this new environment.

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