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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Return... Sort of.... And Updates...

Well, icanhazchezbuga is still the leader of Gold Team. However, I will be semi-returning. I won't be returning to the Xbox 360 just yet. At least not for several more months. However, I will be able to continue producing some glitch videos and machinimas on two PC games I recently acquired. Those games are Shadowrun and Universe At War: Earth Assault. What's special about those games is that even though they are PC games, they still allow you to play online with Xbox Live gamers. So as long as someone has Shadowrun or Universe At War on the Xbox 360, I can still play with them from the PC using Games For Windows Live.

Now then, we have an upcoming machinima planned. It will involve the use of Halo 3 (filmed by icanhazchezbuga), and Shadowrun + Universe At War. You are all invited to join and help out with the machinima. Positions in Halo 3 are currently full, so you'll need either the game Shadowrun or Universe At War to help. It doesn't necessarily have to be the PC version. It doesn't matter which version you get in fact. But we need more people who have those two games. If you have those games and wish to help out, you can post a comment to this update with your gamertag or you can send me a message on Youtube.

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