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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updates For The Week of 4/27

  1. I guess it's time for me to reveal the top secret project I've been working. I still can't give you that many details yet though. I have been working on a new movie. This movie is very different than anything I have ever done before. I expect it will be much better than my first movie. I haven't decided on a name yet but I will let you guys know when I decided.
  2. I plan to make a special video. This video will not be about a glitch but rather something else which is not related to video games even though I'm using Halo 3 to film it. Like the movie, this video will be very different and I can't tell you much yet.
  3. I will be making another glitch video in Halo 3. You can expect this to be another minor glitch because I am running out of original glitches to do. As I have said, I could always start re-making other people's videos and improving them, but I'm not sure if I really want to do that.
  4. A few people have been asking me if I am ever going to switch to Machinima.com and give my videos to them. I probably will not for several reasons. If anybody has any questions, they can just contact me through Youtube or Xbox Live.
  5. I will be making a short special video which will kind of advertise this blog site. The reason I am making such a video is because I want people to be up to date with my videos as well as being aware of future videos. Currently, I feel as if this blog isn't getting enough views to be useful. This video will be the only video I ever make that advertises me or anything that I ever made.

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