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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updates 7/30

I still do not have Halo 3 yet so still no videos as of this moment. I should be getting another disc in a few days. As soon as I get it back, I am going to focus on the movie. However, I will still be making a few more videos. Here is what you can expect when I get Halo 3 back.

1. How to show a mongoose in the final cutscene of Halo 3.
2. How to show a chopper in the final cutscene of Halo 3.
3. How to show an extra warthog in the final cutscene of Halo 3.
4. A new Forge glitch.
5. My final movie. Codenamed: Officer Dan, the unsuccessful cop (as of now, that is going to be the name of the movie. If you have any better ideas, feel free to share those ideas with me).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Officer Dan is a good name but you should change the rest