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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Video Updates

In my last update, I meantioned 2 other videos that will come out soon. Well, the video about Time Traveling With A Hornet will have to be broken up into several smaller videos because the entire video is too long and it's going to be hard to cover everything in one video. So hear is what I will most likely break it up into. Keep in mind that all these videos will take place on the covenant.

  1. Getting A Hornet out of the map (Time Traveling)
  2. Secret Trigate in The Future
  3. Secret Room On The Covenant
  4. Returning to the inside of a tower
  5. Secret Marine In The Future
These are not the final names of the video. I'm just telling you what the subject of each video will be. Also, these videos, even though they are split up from the original big video, will still add to my 100 video limit. After I reach that 100 video limit, I will stop making videos. If you read my past updates you will know why.

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