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Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Update

Sorry I posted this update a bit late but a lot has been going on recently. Here are the announcements.

  1. General Heed Productions has formed a music department which will have all the halo soundtracks. www.youtube.com/halomusicians
  2. I will be releasing a special video soon. This special video isn't about glitches but about something else.
  3. 3 new videos will be released. One is kind of a small glitch. The other two are Easter Eggs.
  4. I guess it's the time to announce when my final movie will come out. For now, I am going to name it Halo 3 The Two Heroes. It should come out sometime in the summer. I'll try to get it on earlier though.
  5. Starting in the summer, i won't be making that many more glitch videos because I am obviously running out of glitches. However, I will be making special videos. These videos aren't going to be machinima exactly, but I think you will find some of them to be entertaining.
  6. As I have just told you, I will be making less glitch videos. However, I will begin taking requests for glitches or easter eggs. Just send me a message requesting which glitch you want to see and I will make a video about. Make sure the glitch is one that I haven't made a video about yet. Also, if you want, I can put your name in the credits.
  7. From June to early July, I won't be on at all. I have several reasons why. One of the reasons is vacation but that isn't until July. And no, even though I'm still 14, I was not grounded. I'm just going to be busy with other things.

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