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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secrets of Sandtrap

Since Halo 3 came out people have been searching for something hidden on Sandtrap. It all started with rumours. Soon, about a week after the game came out, someone discovered the Easter Eggs of Sandtrap. A few months later, I discovered those Easter Eggs are the guardians, whom shoot sentinal beams in the mine field to trigger the mines. Then, a bit later, somone discovered a secret room on Sandtrap. Soon after, I discovered a black hole on Sandtrap which absorbs all weapons fire. In Bungie's recent Weekly Update, someone asked if there was something hidden on Sandtrap. Bungie did not exactly give a straight answer. So, I set out to explore, after 2 hours of glitching, I have discovered some amazing things. The real secret to Sandtrap is not out of the map or above the map. It's under the map. Under the sand. What I saw under Sandtrap will change your ideas of Sandtrap forever. So, I will make a special video about what I discovered on Sandtrap. It won't be a machinima but it will be more entertaining than most of my other videos. 


Anonymous said...

Are you gonna show us how to get under the map or is it just a vid of you already under the map showing us what you discovered?
By the way your videos are cool.

General Heed said...

im going to be showing you how how to get under the map as well as new secret rooms on Sandtrap. I will also be showing what I discovered under Sandtrap.

Anonymous said...

thats sounds really cool =).