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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Next Machinima!!!

Yay!!! One More!!! Well, this machinima will be slightly different from all the others I have done. It will still look and feel like an action machinima, but the voice acting will be different. The story will be narrated from a 3rd person point of view. So the characters in the machinima won't really be talking that much if they talk at all. Instead, the entire story will be narrated and sort of explained as it goes on. This machinima shouldn't be as long as my last one and the plot isn't too deep either. In fact, here is a summary.

The story is actually focused around me (The Glitch Master). In my efforts to statisfy everyone on Youtube who have a higher demand for better glitches, I set out to find the ultimate glitch. Somewhere deep within Halo 3, I discover a glitch beyond any other glitch. However, all that power corrupts me and I turn on all of my friends who helped me find it. My friends realized how powerful the glitch has made me and they know they must stop me but they aren't strong enough. So, they hire the top 5 members of MLG to stop me. The fight between me (using the ultimate glitch) and the best MLG players only lasts less than a minute with me not even being scratched. 
My friends decided that they should try another approach. They hire as many super-noob players to try and stop me. They use the infamous plasma pistol-battle rifle noob combo which also fails against me. The fight didn't last very long either. Running out of options, my friends hire a last resort person. They hire the Ultimate Modder. This time, the fight lasts awhile going through several modded and glitched maps. Eventually, we are both taken to a strange new modded map. By extreme luck, the modder managed to use the mods on this map to cause so much damage to me that the glitch is knocked out of me and I return to normal although I am seriously injured. 
After that, I realized that the glitch is still within me and it would start taking over again soon. So I decided to stop searching for glitches as that will feed the ultimate glitch in me. I decided to leave the Halo 3 universe for good to somewhere else where the ultimate glitch can't harm anyone. After the credits, 2 years later, two players new to glitching found traces of the ultimate glitch and they follow those traces to the realm where I found it. There both of them unlock several ultimate glitches..

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