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Monday, April 26, 2010

All video projects delayed until further notice

Due to some technical difficulties which I have mentioned in one of my previous posts several months ago, I cannot continue producing more videos until the issue has been solved. The last time I mentioned these technical issues, they were fairly minor back then and only prevented me from consistently producing 1080p videos. But now, the problems are getting far worse. Even typing up this update can cause some of those problems to happen. What are the problems? Well here you go:

I have a Dell XPS M1530 Laptop which has a nVideo GeForce 8400M Graphics Card. Some faulty manufacturing in the M1530 series causes the graphics card to overheat very quickly. Normally if the graphics card overheats, the laptop will just shutdown or freeze. After it cools down, I can start my laptop back up again. Well, after several times of this happening, the GPU and the motherboard start to become damaged from the heating and cooling cycles. Now whenever my graphics card overheats, my screen goes crazy flashing all these lines and colors. Sometimes it even causes my laptop to get the Blue Screen of death. I'm running Windows Vista so a blue screen isn't supposed to happen and if it does, it's usually bad. Recently, the problem is getting worse and occurring more frequently. Basically my laptop is suffering from the PC version of the Xbox 360's Red Rings of Death. For the moment, my laptop can still be used. But anything that requires a lot of graphics power can cause a lot of problems. And since I'm running Windows Vista, all those fancy Windows Aero effects aren't exactly helping. So for the time being, I disabled all those effects and reverted to Windows Classic Theme which pretty much makes Windows Vista look like a mix of Windows XP and Windows 2000. Anyways, I've already contacted Dell and they're going to have someone fix my laptop. But until then, I won't be producing any videos because my laptop is at risk of a complete unrecoverable hardware failure much like the Red Rings of Death. I'll keep you all updated about the progress of my laptop's repair. So stay tuned!

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