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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planet Zero Episode 2 - The Inhabitants

As promised, I would be releasing more details and the plot summary of Planet Zero Episode 2 once it's released. Yep, that means the episode is almost finished! It should be finished and released sometime later this week. If not, then next week. Now, the moment you've all been waiting, the synopsis of Planet Zero Episode 2:

The story continues off from episode 1 where it was mentioned that the whole team was split up when they went through the portal back in the Halo universe. This episode follows the military part of the team that went through the portal. A small squad of soldiers led by General Robertson lands inside an abandoned airport. There does not appear to be any signs of life around so they decide to split up to search the area. One soldier, Sergeant Coleman, comes across a small group of people while searching the area, however these people are not who they appear to be. Sgt. Coleman approaches the inhabitants only to be brutally attacked and torn apart by the zombie-like inhabitants. The other soldiers hear the scream and rush to Coleman to find out what happened. They see the zombies eating the body of sgt. coleman. General Robertson gives the order to open fire on the zombies. However, their weapons appear to be ineffective and the zombies don't even flinch when they were shot. The zombies then start charging at the soldiers who panic and split up. The zombies also split up and pursue the individual soldiers. Each soldier gets killed until the only one left is General Robertson. He tried to radio for help but no one responds. The zombies catch up to him and he runs outside onto the tarmac only to find that there's no way out. Backed up against the fence, the zombies are about ready to attack the General until an explosive shot from an AC-130 in the air destroys all the zombies. Another team of people then crash lands in front of the general. However, these people are not the team of scientists and soldiers from the Planet Prometheus. The leader of these people is Commander Hayes who led the attack on the planet back in episode 1. They take the General with them and the plane flies away. 

Well, there you go, that's pretty much what Planet Zero Episode 2 is going to be like. Hope you'll enjoy it. Stay tuned for more updates!

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