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Friday, April 2, 2010

Planet Zero Episode 2 - Exclusive Preview

Episode 2 of Planet Zero was just recently filmed and early editing has just begun. You can watch what we have done so far right here on this blog in our exclusive content section. I'll post the plot details later. Remember, this is an early version so no part of the script has been added in yet and there's still A LOT of editing to do. If you wish to comment and make any suggestions, you can post that comment directly to this post. Enjoy!


viet_honor said...

I can't watch the machinima preview :(

General Heed said...

I'm going to re-upload it to Vimeo instead. Once it's done uploading and publishing, I'll embed it on the exclusive videos page.

General Heed said...

The video is ready to watch now, just head on over the exclusive content section.