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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update and new video explanations

In my last update I promised you several new videos. However, as some of you may have noticed, only one video on that last has been uploaded so far. Rest assured I will still be uploading those other videos. In fact, I have already attempted to upload most of them however, some technical problem in Youtube or my computer is preventing me from uploading any of them. But don't worry, I will have those video up soon enough. So stay tuned! In the meantime, I have decided not to release a preview of the movie since it's not finished yet, not even to the point for a preview. Oh yeah, as some of you may have noticed, my movie previews ARE NOT trailers. They are actually scenes from the actual movie. To make up for these delays, I will be making another video along with all the other videos I promised. This next video will take General Heed Productions somewhere we have never gone before. It will be something that will require several of the glitches we know. It will also require several people to make it but I already have people ready to make it. Here is what you can expect.

  1. All the videos I promised you in the last update except the movie preview which will be replaced by the next item in this list.
  2. This video that will replace the movie preview will be related to the Halo 3 Tri-Gates as well as the Time Travel Glitch and several Guardian glitches.
  3. A possible special video similar to my environment message but only this time the topic will be much more interesting and the video will have a few comical aspects to it.

Don't worry, this should be the last BIG update for awhile. Unless something BIG comes up, I won't be posting another BIG update for awhile.

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