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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Meaning of Glitching

It seems that recently people have forgotton the true purpose of glitching. It seems everyone expects glitchers to find some super glitch that everyone can use in matchmaking to cheat. Well that's not the point of glitching. Why do people glitch? It's simple. For fun... There are different kinds of gamers out there. Pros, glitchers, modders, ordinary people. The pros are those that spend most of their time in matchmaking.

I would like to make a quick comment about the pros. A TRUE PRO IS SOMEONE THAT USES THE *NOOB COMBO*. The noob combo is using a charged plasma pistol to take out the enemy shields and then switch to a Battle Rifle to get a one hit kill. Pro's don't like it because it makes them look like a noob. The truth is, it's one of the most effective combos. Pro's pretty much hate something that can kill them easily. Thats why they hate rocket and shotgun noobs. There is nothing wrong with using power weapons. It's a legitimate and efficient strategy. Isn't that the point of matchmaking in Halo 3? To get the most kills efficiently? 

That is also why pros hate glitchers. Glitches make it hard for us to get killed and makes it easier for us to kill them. They hate this and they tell everyone else to hate us. Ordinary people are influenced by pros because they look up to those pro players. So these ordinary people also hate glitchers because the pros hate us. Now, when it comes to modders, their opinions are mixed for the most part. But they generally hate glitchers. They believe that their mods are superior to our glitches which is not always true because several mods can't be used on Xbox Live while all glitches can. Modders and Pros are jealous. They impress ordinary players who follow their example. 

Each group (besides ordinary players) are dedicated to what they do. They do it for a purpose. But glitching is different. Pros try to find the best non-noob weapon combos to get kills. Modders make modded maps to impress other players and make themselves look cool. But glitchers. We are different. We glitch because we just want to enjoy a game beyond what it was originally meanty for. Thanks to glitches, we can now explore new areas. Find new tricks that we can use to mess around in the game and more. 

So here is a message to everyone that is not a glitcher but enjoys glitching. You all expect too much from us glitchers. We are just here to do glitches for fun. We post our videos so you too can enjoy what we enjoy. Please don't pressure us to try and find super glitches. We find what we find. It's a take it or leave it deal. Please don't expect a lot from us. Don't say a glitch is useless cause that's not the reason we do glitches. Would you rather we not do glitches at all? Ponder this message carefully before any of you criticize a glitcher. Thanks for your time!

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