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Saturday, January 3, 2009


There are several problems with our next machinima movie being on Youtube.
  1. The video is over 10 minutes so we can't upload it on Youtube.
  2. The video's file size will be fairly large, probably over 1 GB, so we can't upload it.
  3. Due to the large file size, HD quality is going to be a problem
Here are our compromises to these problems.
  1. We split the video into two parts. Then we upload the full video on other sites like Veoh.com or Hulu.com
  2. After splitting the video, each parts should be just about under 1 GB
  3. Even after splitting the video, the files may still be too large if we go HD. So we may have to forget about HD quality for this video. We should still be able to release it in High Quality.
To those of you who never heard of Veoh or Hulu, they are video sites just like Youtube. Only they don't have as many video limitations as Youtube does. This means we can upload videos with even better HD quality than Youtube without size limitations. Plus, we can upload the entire movie without having to split it in two parts. Currently, the estimated length of the movie will be around 20 minutes. Our longest but best movie yet. Stay tuned for more details. 

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