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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Problems... (But a treat for those who read)

Alright, I'll get right down to the point. Uploading to Veoh.com is currently not the best idea anymore. This is because they no longer syndicate videos to Youtube. I originally wanted to post with them so they might be able to put videos longer than 10 minutes on my Youtube channel. However, I have found a new site that will do the same thing. That sight is called TubeMogul.com. I am currently in the process of testing their service. So stay tuned!

You've all been patiently waiting for weeks for my new Machinima to come out. It won't come out this week but it should come out before this month is over. Maybe even next week! But anyways, to ease your curiosity of what this movie is about, I'm going to release the synopsis (plot). 

This movie begins with a curious scientist who wants to discuss the possibilities of Time Travel with a fellow professor. However, his friend rejects his ideas. Determined that he can still achieve Time Travel, the scientist walks away saying he will bring back some proof. 2 years later, the scientist has finished a prototype of his Time Machine. He immedietly uses it to travel to the future to look for something to bring back. He stops travels about 1,000 years into the future as his first stop. 
Here the Time Traveller asks a few questions to the people of Philadelphia in the year 3,007. He even gets a free tour of the city. However, not finding anything interesting to bring back, he decides to continue traveling into the future. This time he only travels 5 years before he notices something is wrong with the city. 
As soon as he gets out of the Time Machine, he is immedietly arrested because he is not at an evacuation center. One of the cops mention that the city is under attack by powerful aliens. Suddenly, the ground shakes due to an alien seismic bomb. The Time Traveller escapes from the cops who drive away. He then runs to his Time Machine and begins going to the future again. 
He is now very curious about who is going to win the war. While he is time travelling, he watches the City of Philadelphia collapse. Several hundred thousand years later, he watches the planet go through an Ice Age. The finally, after millions of years, the Ice Age is over and it appears that civilization has begun again. 
He leaves the Time Machine to talk to someone nearby. This person says he is the leader of the resistance against the Hunters. Before the Time Traveller could ask who the Hunters are, a Horn sounds and the Hunters have come to hunt the villagers. 
Now the Time Traveller must help to liberate these villagers from the Hunters and their mysterious leader.

Hope you enjoy the movie!!!

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