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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Decision Made!

I have decided how I am going to post the next Machinima. I will split it into 2 parts on Youtube. Both parts will be in HD quality. After that, I will upload the full video to Veoh.com. I will post the link on my Youtube Channel. Since posting to Veoh takes awhile, I will post on their website first. So those of you who visit Veoh.com a lot will get to see my next machinima first. The Youtube version of my machinima will be posted soon after I finished posting it on Veoh.com. I will give more updates as information becomes available. Feel free to keep voting in the polls as I may change my mind. 


Spartan 501 said...

hey you know you could just send me an E-mail to show me the movie just ask. No I will not get a Youtube account, I have a machinima.com account.

General Heed said...

You do realize that you will get more views if you post on Youtube? Also, the message you sent me on xbox live about you watching the video, how did you see it? Only 5 people were selected to watch part 2 of it. The only other website I uploaded it to was Veoh.com but I don't think anybody knows the link yet.

General Heed said...

Wats your email then?