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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Uploading to Machinima.com

It seems several of you have voted to have me upload my next and final machinima onto Machinima.com. I have considered this option and I am currently still reviewing my options with Machinima.com. While I already have an account with them, I am not sure if I want to upload to them. There are several reasons why I am hesitant. 

  1. My video isn't guarenteed to make it on Youtube through Machinima. 
  2. In terms of views, I wouldn't get much through Machinima, or Veoh
  3. In my opinion, my Machinima probably can't compete with the true professional machinimas like the ones that DigitalPh33r makes.
So, I'm most likely not going to upload to Machinima.com. But, I have considered a new option. I might upload to Google Video. I will still upload to Veoh though. 

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