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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Less Compromises

In my last post, I stated that the next machinima was probably going to be well over 1 GB. But I guess I was wrong. I have most of the video finished right now and it is at 999.7 MB. Just about 0.3 MB away from 1 GB. Now that is my video without the voice parts. After I add the voices, it should go up, but not way past 1 GB. So basically, I can split the video on Youtube, and still have both parts in HD quality. I'm currently looking for alternate websites to post the full video. I'm still considering Machinima.com but most likely I won't do that. 

If anyone knows any video sharing sites besides Youtube, post a comment on this post and I might consider uploading to that site. 


Spartan 501 said...

Dude it's me Fernando this is your blog huh, well check mine out I will be updtating mine from now on

General Heed said...

You should really get a Youtube account so I can show you a preview of that machinima we are doing.